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Barton Perreira


Offering handcrafted frames skillfully created by craftsmen in Japan, sunglasses from this finest brand are created in batches with small and limited editions. Famous among celebrities and fashion world, this brand offers a variety of frames with gamut of colors to choose from and changes the perspective of sunglasses. And perfectly suits any face shape.

Dismissing grandiose logos and accompaniments for timeless, distinguished finishing editions from Barton Perriera are craved for around the globe for their calm polish and naturaly cool, vintage-chic style.

So what makes these sunglasses so special? The Barton Perreira team make use of the premium quality acetate with the utmost use of cotton that is plausible to contour their frames. Each frame from this brand takes 4 weeks to contour and the result is always the best by crafting the unique and flawless frames. The best part about this brand is that the wearer can't recognize where earpiece meets the front of the frame. Zylonite or Zyl is used for making plastic frames for sunglasses. It has a light weight; it is strong and keeps up a profound shine. It is plummeted for several days and then polished twice by craftsmen from Japan to create a highly polished, flawless and soothing material. Complementing the frames, the CR-39 the best quality material that provides 100% UV protection.

A combination of stimulated designs and a foresight of fashion emerges a grace and elegance in style, that’s Barton Perriera Sunglasses.